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Plumbing pipe in the electrical panel


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It's sad, but the fix for that is going to cost a lot more than it would to have done it right the first time. What's also sad is that the cost to fix it is probably high enough that, if the buyer didn't get a concession from the seller to cover it, it probably won't get fixed.

They're going to have to replace the cabinet because there have been holes hacked into it, and probably tear open the walls to get the NM cable out of the pipes -- pipes that were not even needed for that installation. I wonder if the "plumbtrician" that did this work thought about whether the conductors needed to be derated once he started stuffing so many of them into a "raceway". Once the wall is opened up, then there's the whole issue of finding holes cut in the framing in order to run those pipes and whether structural repairs are also needed. I'd also bet that either no permit was pulled or that code enforcement is nonexistent in this jurisdiction, neither of which leaves me with a warm and fuzzy feeling about the quality of whatever work was done on this home in conjunction with that wiring job.

I can hear the seller saying "but it's been working fine" and the RE agent muttering something about deal-killer right about now...

I don't think I have a tendency to blow things out of proportion. In this particular case I think that what looks like a minor screw up to most people could have big financial implications, and I'd want my client to be aware of them.

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