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What do you call this...

Jerry Simon

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Originally posted by Jerry Simon

What is the name for this cone-like roof structure? Thanks much.

That's a really strange bit of ornament. Why is it there? It looks like it blew off of the neighbor's house and landed there.

I wouldn't call it a cupola because there are no openings. Cupolas usually have openings for light or ventilation.

I'd almost call it a pinnacle, but pinnacles are usually set on towers, not over flat roofs.

How about teepee?

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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It's not a cupola. Everyone I associate w/calls them turrets.

Most of the time, they are located @ a corner of the building, and there is usually a sidewall "tower" ornament running down the corner. On commercial buildings of the time, the entrance was very often @ the corner of the building, under the turret tower.

Kibbel will know what the right term is.

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