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Da '57


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My brother and I converged on Dunidin, FL last week to fix Mom's roof. Hugh used that opportunity for a final shake down cruise for the '57 Chevy that he's spent the past 15 years restoring.

She's like a new car. He did a pretty good job. Check her out.

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OT - OF!!!


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That is exactly the 1957 Chevy I see when I close my eyes! I'm with Chad F, keep it simple.

I got this 1982 T-Bird last Friday, just makes it under the 25yr limit, but still will be a classic. Likely will end up behind the barn just like the others!

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Normal folks can fit into a Saturn Stationwagon just fine! I would not let Mark P sit in the back seat of this baby 'tho.

I got the t-bird for an inspection fee - they did not pay so I get to play! Sadly, I have had several classic cars and always think I will tinker on them and keep them around. I never do. My wife does like this one, so maybe she will help.

Frank - there is another thread about ASTM meeting and I would like to hear your thoughts posted. I think you and Mark P would have some valued insight about a national standard.

If Mike O could get some help, I'd bet there could be a way to arrange a couple of meetings around the country of like minded individuals. It may sound PollyAnna'ish but there are many pioneers of the inspection profession quiting, moving to Mexico, going into retirement or just changing their focus to being a professional gadfly. The idea of a national SOP is coming and right now it does not look pretty.

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While we are on the subject of cars, here is me in my 73 Stingray at Ciecil County Dragway on Vette Day. I won a big trophy for top eliminator in my class that day running consistant 13.20's in the 1/4.

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On another day I got a free photo mailed to me. Here I am going thru the speed cam traps in Washington DC. Wait a minute, that pic wasnt free, it cost me $50 for 56mph in a 45 zone.

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Originally posted by Les

John, those are NOT inspectormobiles!

I know. The sad part is I no longer own the vette. Sold it on ebay. Got $12,600.

I bought the Dakota on ebay. It was located in Nebraska. I flew out there and drove it home. I bought a radar detector just for the trip. I was rolling 80mph most of the way. I made good time but burned a good bit of gas. The Dakota is a nice ride with a Magnum 360ci.

The Vette was not practical for the family. On the other hand the Dakota is with its 4 doors. You can spontaneously load up the wife and kids, cruise the boulavard and still turn heads while yur at it.

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Talking of paint jobs...

I have one of these reserved for most of December and into the new year.


I'm told that as I'm arriving early in the morning I should have a good selection to choose from. Any suggestions? There's 6 pages of the goofy things. Evidently, van art is very common in NZ and you actually stick out more as a tourist in a plain white one.

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I love the oldies too. I have a 58 caddy, just had it painted and now I'm waiting for the chrome to get done. I also have a 60 caddy, drove it to a mechanic to fix what I thought was a lifter tap, turns outthe guy was a real ass. I brought it home in a basket.

If anyone in interested, I have a 67 GTO Clone convertible that need restoration. I have all the nes sheetmetal. It's just too big of a project for me to handle at this time. Like many others, I've just got too much on my plate.

I will sell or trade it.

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Originally posted by Les

page six the Aotearoa

What the heck are you doing in New Zeeland? That is where my wife wants to go and I have been encouraging her, sans me. I am holding out for Patagonia.

Sounds like a nifty vacation!

New Zealand is experiencing an EIFS-like epidemic, they refer to as "Leaky Buildings". I'm going there to investigate with the wife as a paid secretary.

Think that will fly with the IRS? Nope? Me neither. Nevermind.

Truth is the wife has an unusually long break between semesters this winter so we decided to take our main vacation then. Lets see...it will be winter here and the start of summer in NZ. Sounds good to me. SWMBO went to NZ 25 years ago, loved it, and has been wanting to go back with me. We both prefer the small, out-of-the-way places and wandering "aimlessly". Hence the camper van. I'm sure we will alternate with B&Bs, etc, but the van allows us to not have to be anywhere in particular at at any time. Christmas in summer will be a little wierd, but I think I'll handle it fine with a beer and some sun-screen.

Plus, I can check if gravity really does work upside down...oh, and that anti-clockwise drain thing.

PS...for potential burglars. There will be house sitters here!

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