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Has anyone participated or familiar with the Disaster Housing Assistance Inspection Program?

Ron and I are thinking about getting involved. We are taking a class next month, so as I now I don't have too much information on the program.

Any insight is appreciated.


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I took the class a couple of years ago. I think that it pays $35 per inspection and you can do 12 or so a day.

The upside is that you are actually helping disaster victims to get some fast cash. $2500 a week income when you are slow can come in handy too.

The down side is the 7 day a week, minimum 30 day commitment and the expenses of living away from home. However where you are located, # 3 may not be an issue.


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It is an excellent program and the added bonus of really being where the help is needed and being able to make a difference in people's lives. This program helps get the needed expertise (you) out there and the evaluation done and repairs as quickly as possible. In the old days the government sent us(government workers) to these areas to do the evaluations however we were hampered by the lack of personnel to meet the needs in big disaster areas. I think it is a great program and generally you can work in a geographic aera you are familar with. Not pulling some "Kentucky Hill Hoppers" like me and sending us to California.LOL

Great program.

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