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FHA -VA Inspection Guidelines

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You should be able to find what you want from this page. As with the rest of the HUD site , you will need to sift through everything.


I could not post the exact link to the standards, it was toooooo long and it would not load properly. This is it but it will not link

http://www.hudclips.org/sub_nonhud/cgi/ ... s1=(4910.1)icon_speech_no.gif&l=100&SECT1=TXT_HITS&SECT5=HCHB&u=./hudclips.cgi&p=1&r=S&f=S

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Look specifically for:

HUD Handbook 4150.2 - Valuation for Single Family One-to Four-Unit Dwellings

HUD Handbook 4240.4 - 203K Rehab. Home Mortgage Insurance

Near as I can tell, HUD doesn't publish any "official" documents for home inspectors--they want the homes appraised correctly. Therefore, these handbooks mandate what an appraiser should look for when "inspecting" the property.

Edited later: Think about it--if HUD published anything that specified what a home inspector should do, then might it not be the national standard that ASTM was trying to establish? HUD's not going to do it.

That said, I'm holding a thick binder with about 100 pages or so of a document entitled "Residential Rehabiliation Inspection Guideline" that was published by HUD. It was originally published by NIBS (National Institute of Building Sciences) and adapted by HUD folks.

It is not a mandate or a prescriptive document that anyone is supposed to follow. Its just a big 'ole volume about inspecting a house.

Also check pathnet.org. They had something to do with producing the manual.

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