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Building a PC

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Not long ago, several people expressed an interest in building their own computer.

I am sharing my latest build with you so you will have a better understanding of what's involved.

Depending on your Internet connection, you can pick the best download for you (content is the same):id="maroon">

Ok resolution, smaller file (~1Meg)id="green"> -->PC Build

Better resolution, bigger file (~4Meg)id="green"> -->PC Build (large)

(The smaller version was submitted to the TIJ library.)

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Bob, the price advantage is seen when you try to find a Dell, Gateway, or HP with the same specifications. They run around $3000, my parts were $1300. And every component in mine is high quality.

Walter, best of luck if you decide to do it - you certainly have the smarts!

Les, you're starting to know me a little too well!!! You cracked me up. When I was making a (meager) living flying freight, I could go hundreds of miles in weather that kept me from seeing the wingtips. I would break out of the clouds just in time to see the runway approach lights. Once on the ground, however, I hated navigating the damn taxiways - so a trip to Best Buy does scare me.

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