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ZD Net's George Ou Builds Some PC's

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My mother finally decided to enter the computer age, and she asked me to just get her whatever she needed. I found her a complete system, an off-lease Dell with a limited warranty, for not much more than the $400 this guy is talking about. 120 gig hard drive, 1 gig of ram, 2.4 Pentium chip, 17 inch LCD flat panel monitor, Windows XP Pro, CD/DVD player/burners, keyboard, mouse, speakers, etc., etc.... I set it up for her last week; it looks and works like new. Why fool with pieces and parts for less than $100 difference?

Brian G.

Love That Ebay [:-thumbu]

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Hi Brian,

Was it an all-in-one PC or a conventional PC? This guy is referring to an all-in-one PC. I agree, you can get them cheap. Heck, I bought one for my wife complete with 19" LCD monitor at Fry's for less than $400.

I don't think George Ou built it because he needed one; I think he did it as something to tinker around with, just to see whether he could do it or not. We all have hobbies. Some guys collect stamps; others like to experiment with computers and other gizmos. My brother spent more restoring his 57 than he'll ever spend on a new car. Everyone needs a hobby; just ask Chad - his is building ginormous thingys - or Les - his is flirting with young ladies.



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That is pretty cool, but I think George stretches it a bit when he calls it "portable."

My build has sprouted a second monitor. That allows me to play with Visual Studio 2008 on the left monitor (1680 X 1050) and keep all my personal interest stuff on the other monitor.

When I get email, I just drag the mail window from the right monitor to the left. Then I stick it back over to the side.

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