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bulkhead door catching rod


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Originally posted by hausdok

'Bulkead" door? What ever happened to the terms 'overhead door' and 'garage door'?

OT - OF!!!


He's not talking about those. He's talking about what we used to call a "hatchway" door. (Is that just a Connecticutism or do they say that in other parts of the country.)

Think Auntie Em hiding from the tornado.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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Hey John...I knew that but was trying to clarify if that's what these guys are speaking about. I should have said "exterior cellar or basement door".

I type like 7 words a minute so I tend to economize my responses.

I am taking and practicing an online typing course. I have the middle" home row mastered at about 35 words a minute and I'm ready to jump into some new keys. The problem is, even with all this skill it's hard to type a response when your vocabulary is limited to : saga,jag,flask,kafka,lag,has, and salsa.

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