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Those who aren't familiar with the Texas A&M "history" may not get this. As one who remembers the old Southwest Conference days, I do.

Note the sign centered above the windows.

And please don't rag me if you're a Texas A& M alum. I'm not saying it's not a good school; it is. It's just that it had a reputation...

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Originally posted by allspec33351

I'm sorry but based on what I see of the building exterior they did the best the could. I'm sure it is a leased facility and they may not be able to destroy the exterior of the building.

I would rather pay for glass panes then to destroy what property I have inside.



Captain is right on according to snopes.

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It's a joke guys.

A joke, you are allowed to laugh.

If you want to get technical, they could have very easily removed the glass and boarded up the frames without any damage OR any chance of flying shards of glass.

But, it's only a joke.

hahahahahahahahahahahahah.... remember?

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