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Sometimes The Troops Let Their Hair Down


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I think you'll get a chuckle out of these air force flightline ground controllers letting their hair down a little bit. I gotta wonder whether the poor pilots, confined to that tiny cockpit and strapped in with a pressure suit on were laughing so hard that they had trouble jockeying the aircraft and trying not to wet themselves.

While you're there, take a minute to watch Gulf Wars, Episode II.V - Attack of the boredom. I've got to give these kids credit, there's some pretty technically savvy kids out there.

Mark Perry, you didn't ever get giddy like this, did you?

Click here for the fun.

OT - OF!!!


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Yea, Them fighter guys are a bread all to themselves. From the looks of the video it is somewhere in the AOR and normal flighline rules don't apply. I spent about half of my 22 AF years on or near a flightline, and over 12 years in Japan. Then those SOB sent me to HQ in Illinois. I don't know if I got anything good to say about working the flightline, but I sure loved my field traing, Asia, and the family I brought back from there.

You know the one about how you can tell if there is a fighter pilot/crew in the room? They'll tell you, hahahaha

Looking at these pics makes me think I've aged a bit.

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