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Gas shutoff valves buried behind ranges


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The valve at the appliance is there so that the gas to the appliance can be shut off when the appliance is being serviced and replaced, without turning off the gas to the entire house.

In an emergency situation, you would use the service shutoff near the gas meter.

Can a service technician gain access to the appliance shutoff without too much difficulty? A reasonable person would probably say that sliding the range out from the wall is not too difficult for a qualified service technician.

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It is the same with many washer dryer combos.

Not worth writing up.

The only emergency where you need to shut it down quick, would more than likely be a hose leak in which case you would need to move the stove anyway.

(let me add to blow out pilots on older stoves first.)I learned the hard way.

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They're actually not usually that hard to reach. You pull out the pot drawer, lift it off it's track, lie down on the floor, and you can reach it.

Mike you may want to be more clear: Pull out the pan drawer under the stove.

Telling some of my clients to pull out the pot drawer is likely to have an adverse impact on their attention span.

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Yes. Re-reading my original post, I was a bit unclear.

I too, have never seen a shutoff valve installed anywhere other than behind the range.

But I've always questioned whether it was "accessible" or not as defined by Fuel Gas Code, IRC, and others.

I think Brandon's answer provided the best clarity; if there's an emergency, shut off at the meter. Otherwise, a reasonably experienced tech. can slide the range out and shut off from there.

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