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Chimney liner

Chad Fabry

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Originally posted by Inspectorjoe

Originally posted by Terence McCann

Does anyone have a picture of something Bill hasn't seen?

While I can't speak for Bill, I think we can be reasonably certain that he's never seen one of these, close up and personal:

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I see them every day. Seems like farmers are growing them in almost every field and pasture around the area. That's why I moved to where I live now. My township has an extra income tax to help fight the spread of that rural carcinoma.

I'm in about 5-8 new homes each year, but usually not for regular HI work - only for big-bucks litigation support. I enjoy bitch-slappin' developers for consuming precious open space, then throwing-up crap for huge profits.

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Originally posted by Chad Fabry

The top terra cotta liner section in this masonry stack was about three inches above the section below. There's a brick for a spacer you can see in the photo.

Think the mason just ran out of liner sections?

Image Insert:


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Who knows.. but certainly call it out for Level 2 clean/service. Recommend a chimney sweep check out what else is going on down there.

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