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gas range, flame out on low


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I wonder if this is a safety issue or not... just curious. Another home inspector told me that if a gas range burner flame goes out when the knob is anywhere but off, gas is still coming out. If gas were coming out, that would be a problem. However, if you light the burner, then turn the control knob down to low and the flame goes out, does that not mean that the lack of gas put the flame out? Thereby no gas leak.

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It can still be coming out with a low output but have been blown out by a air current.

Is it possible to build up to where it could cause an explosion?

Doubtful yes. Impossible no.

Remember pilots blow out all the time with gas still pouring out.

For the most part this kind of stove is in an older less air tight home, so much can dissipate , but is a big three letter word however.

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