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Going Radon!

Mark P

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I’m taking the radon plunge. Believing that the new IL radon disclosure law that takes effect in Jan 08 will create an increased demand for testing and the fact that there are only 2 guys in this area that do testing. I head to sunny Chicago in a few weeks for the Radalink course and will take the IL state exam at the end of the month. I‘ve bought 2 of Sun’s 1027, a caring case and printer. Because of the efforts and $$ needed to become licensed in IL I don’t believe a lot of HI around here will be joining me.

A few questions, if you please. I’m sure some of these will/can be answered as I become trained, but I just can’t wait.

Is a pre-inspection agreement specifically for the radon test necessary? If so, what should it include and/or can someone share one with me?

IL inspectors: are you licensed as a Radon Measurement Professional or Radon Measurement Technician?

Since I’ll be State licensed, is there significant benefit in joining a professional org such as NSRB? If so what orgs should I join?

Lastly, any assistance/examples of the required worker protection plan, QA plan, would be greatly appreciated.

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Welcom to the Radon World Mark!

QA documents - if you join AARST, they have a boiler plate QA/QC plan that you can buy on CD for $100. They also sell the Radon information pamphlets originally put out by EPA. "Citizen's Guide to Radon", "Home Buyer's and Seller's Guide To Radon", "How to Fix Your Home".

Make sure you take the class that allows you to become certified for testing AND analysis.

Test Agreement, Test Report, and Compliance Agreement: Send me your email address and I'll send you what I have in PDF. You may have to follow specific IL guidlines though.

I'm in Virginia, which has a statute requirement for certification but no licensing and no way to police testers and mitigators unless somebody rats on them.


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I require everyone that is involved with the radon process to attend class and take exam. Michigan has no license requirement. We no longer have an agreement for the radon screening. Every publication you need is free from epa or state gov. We have several devices and the most important thing about the process is keeping them calibrated and following an approved protocol EVERY time.

PS: does anyone have any devices for sale? We sometimes have apt buildings that we will test dozens of living units.

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Stu and Terence you've got mail.

Les there is a 1027 on ebay.

Okay, so Les (who I respect, but who also has lawyers in the family) does not use an agreement for the radon screening. What about you other radon screeners? Do you agree w/ Les that it is not necessary?

Regarding pro orgs: who do you recommend or not recommend? Stu mentioned AARST - any other opinions?

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