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sump crock

John Dirks Jr

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Maybe I've been deficient in reporting this sort of thing. I see nasty rusted crocks all the time.

Was it really all that bad? Could you push a probe through the wall of the crock?

Repair wouldn't be all that big a deal; take out the pump, dig out the rusted crock, stick a new plastic one back in it's place, patch around the edges w/new concrete. I've done this myself; takes a couple hours or so.

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So long as the sides are strong, who cares if it's ugly? There should be a cover on it.

But if it is weak, perhaps a new plastic sleeve would fit right in it without removing the old one. if the pipes leading to it are in rough shape, you could be opening a can of worms.

You could also put a perforated 5 gallon compound bucket in it and put some stone around the bucket. If you need more height, cut the bottom off another bucket or two and stack the remaing tops inside one another. You may have to use a pump with an internal switch, the float switch can get hung up in a bucket.

By the way, where is the check valve? I usually like to see them as close to the pump as possible.

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