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MC4Suite 2006 a few question


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Hello all!!

I use Mc4 for calculating floor heat system. In calculation results have term Flow heat top and Flow heat down. I think what term of TOP flow to room and Down to ground. But When i add warmth-keeping heat flow down still higher.

2. I not understand term of oquppied adm perimetr zone. What diferent between them.

thank very much for answer

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Hi Rawolf,

I think it will be difficult for anyone here to help you, because home inspectors don't do heating calculation or use that kind of software. However, I do know a radiant floor heating expert who might be able to help you. I've sent him an email with a link to your question. Maybe, if he knows the answer to your question, he'll stop in here and answer it for you.

Until then, I suggest you post your question on Dan Halohan's forum, The Wall, at HeatingHelp.com. Most of the guys that hang out over there are heating systems professionals.

Click here:


Mike (The Editor)

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Hi Rawolf,

I've gotten an answer back from my contact. Here's what he says:

I don't think I can help much. Mc4 is an add-on to AutoCAD. The program requires users to have CAD and you basically "build" the heat loss off of the construction. It's not very easy to use and not very intuitive. I'm not surprised he has questions.

Regardless, my only advice for him is to contact the software company directly and ask them. It's the best way to help him. They will know the software the best and should be able to get him straightened out.id="blue">

Ok, there you have it. Sorry we couldn't do more for you.

Mike (Editor)

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