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Thanks guys!

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Thanks guys here's a list,if you have anything that you can further add, it would be appreciated. Dan

Inadequate drainage

downspouts that empty next to the foundation

windows caulked in, instead of with proper splines and a head flashing

stoops poured directly against the house w/o capillary breaks

insufficient siding to grade clearance

blocked vents

poor attic ventilation

sloppy HVAC

poor flashings of every sort

roofs without drip edging

fans venting into attics and crawls

dryer ducting too long

furnaces improperly vented

water heaters without proper T & P or seismic bracing

siding installed incorrectly

no weeps in brick veneer

faux stone without weeps meeting grade

improperly installed shingles

Poor grade drainage

Exposed / uncaulked nails on the roof

Errors in neutral bar wiring (Main panels)

Errors in neutral bar wiring (Subpanels)

Lack of GFCI's in required locations

Sinks / tubs that don't hold water (stopper leaks or is missing)

Errors with water heater relief valves and piping

Non-professional work where a professional was needed

Flange bolts and other fasteners not tightened at column(s)/beam

Anchor bots not tightened at sill/sill plate(s)

Improper joist boring/notching/end-bearing

No drain pan under water heater

T & P valve drain has a reduction in size

No back flow (anti siphon) prevention in commodes or at exterior hose bibs

Insuffiecient air gap at refill tube in commodes

A/C condenser under or over fused

Trees and/or heavy foliage too close to house

Dead bolts on exterior doors requiring a key from the inside

No vapor barrier in crawl space.

Homemade shims for support columns.

Bath vent exhausting to attic.

Plastic dryer duct. Real bad!

Metal dryer duct with screws. (collects lint)

Gutters rusting at seams.

Debris in roof valleys.

Hot water heater set too high.

Sellers trying to hide previous leaks under sinks.

- Almost always, insufficient attic insulation in older homes.

- Wood to ground contact (posts).

- Realtors in a hurry.

Breaks in the firewall between the garage and living space of the house. Either an attic access door made from inadequate material, or missing. Door into living space from garage has none or inadequate weather stripping

Doors opening out over stairs, and stairs without handrails. Inconsistent rise in bottom and/or top step. Uninsulated attic pull-down stairs.


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