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I have a question. I am still in the process of getting qualified by my state to do other things like collecting radon samples and termite certifications and such. I mention those services as coming soon on my "services" page. Do you think it is alright to say "coming soon" or should I refrain from mentioning things until I am actually ready to provide them?

I wouldn't put that on my web site. I think it conveys an impression to potential clients that you don't have your act together.

I wouldn't say anything about it until I was ready to offer it. If someone asked me if I offered those services, I'd be truthful and tell them my current status and future plans.

This is just one guy's opinion and I'm by no means an authority on this subject. I'd be interested in hearing more opinions on this subject.

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The first page should be THE PAGE - put 90% of your effort into its content and layout.

  • Use tables dude! Your page displays like the scrolling credits at the end of an old movie.
  • You have too few keywords "Anne Arundel County, Maryland Home Inspections, real estate, home sellers, home buyers" Think of many more that folks would type to Google your services.
  • Now work in all those keywords into the text on that first page.
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You really should consider having a professional web designer complete you site. You are on an Inspectors forum asking for advise on how to create your website, but none of the people here are going to be searching for a home inspector in Maryland. Your target audience is the "consumer," so why not ask them?

Your going to spend hours upon hours messing with your site and in the end I hope you will realize that it looks like something a 5th grader would do for a school project.

It absolutely amazes me when inspectors skimp on this vital part of marketing their business. It's like when we come across a home buyer that tells everyone in the transaction "I'm going to save some money and do the inspection myself... I know enough about houses." Stick to inspecting and let someone who "specializes" is web design and marketing do your site!

The funds to develop a professional website should have been allocated in your business or marketing plan.


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Originally posted by Bain

"Buy," John.

Wow, I can't believe I missed that error. It has been corrected.

I wrote the entire paragraph over and dropped some things and added others.

There is a good chance I may eventually have a professional web designer set me up. For now it is still important for me to write my own content. Making many changes as I hone things down is easy for me when I manage it myself. Once I get the content to my liking it will be no problem handing it over to a designer who can then present it in a more up to date and professional way.

The advice of hiring a professional is good and I will keep it in mind.

Thanks for the examples Bill.

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Hey John,

I have a couple of suggestions for the page itself. First I want to say your page is great being that it's very easy to navigate. On that note however, it could be even easier. I suggest adding a "back to top" function at the bottom of all your pages.

Secondly, your navigation buttons are inconsistent on the Preparation page (Preparation button is missing) and the FAQ page (buttons are in a different order.)

Lastly, one thing that makes navigation even easier is to have the button for the current page you're viewing change color so the visitors know what page they're viewing at a glance.

These are very simple changes you can make. If you decide to go the professional route later, all the better.

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