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Ya think?

I could resist posting it. I got it in an Email entitled;

When is it OK to say "Oh Shit".

Here are a few more.

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Originally posted by Chad Fabry

I've seen this photo a few times before: I bet it has something to do with a pompous AHJ or someone who is good at photoshop.

I've seen it before also. If it was Photoshopped, it was well done. The angle of the light/shadows matches properly, as near as I can tell. Also, if you look at the exaggerated flare to the drive, it is plausible that someone actually poured a drive around the pole and built a home there...especially if real estate values are ridiculous in the area.

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I guess this is as good a time as any to join you fine folks. I moved from Rhinebeck N.Y. last Dec. to AZ. In the village of Rhinebeck, there is a home with the exact same situation regarding the telephone pole with one exception: there is a guide wire running perpendicular to the house! I should be visiting in May and I`ll get some picts. Bizarre but true.[:-bigeyes

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Ah, Rheinbeck, I knew it well.

I'm from Amenia. Webutuck used to soundly trounce Rheinbeck at soccer every year when I was in high school. There was also this really, really cute girl....I used to hitch-hike up to Rheinbeck on weekends to, uh, er,....hang out with her. Grilled sausage and peppers at the county fair and a pizza place whose name I can't remember where the pizza was so good it felt like it literally melted in one's mouth.

Sigh, dem were da days!

Welcome to the TIJ family!!!



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