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Something to be Thankful for


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Well I'm just wondering how everybody is doing business wise. It's been slow around my parts for a while. Around Halloween, I was doing some work around my house and manage to severely sprain my knee. I was on crutches for a week and half, and finally recovered.

Went to the Orthopedist today, and everything turned up O.K. Thirty minutes later got a call, booked a gig for Friday, twenty minuets later got another call for Sat. Not even 10 minutes later, another call, and booked that for Saturday afternoon.

So I'm very Thankful this week, and I wish all of you a Safe & Joyous Holiday Weekend!!!


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I had a pretty slow September and October but then things got back to normal. I've been pretty steady,...for me - 9 full and 1 quick down and dirty in the last 10 days. I've got an E.I.F.S. inspection set for tomorrow and I've got jobs coming up on Friday, Monday and Tuesday.

OT - OF!!!


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Our situation is a little different, but we are thankful. I can speak for our office only.

Happy Thanksgiving!!*

*I captured an older pigeon under the freeway overpass and with a few beans and a hamburger bun from the McDonalds dumpster, we are going to celebrate!

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My year (my 4th) started out very well. I was starting to get some fruit from seeds sewn with past clients (finally).

Then the mortgage / real estate market swooned, and so did business.

I took a part time job at the local Sears store selling hardware, tools, etc. I love my title --- "Customer Solutions Consultant" --- to supplement my income. It's my first foray into retail, and it's not so bad (I do not look forward to Friday after Thanksgiving, though.)

Lately, in the last three weeks / month, biz has picked up a little. Certainly not to the levels of the beginning of the year, but some. I'm keeping the part time job for a while.

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The last two years have been very slow for me. I am thankful that after 14 years in the business I have a referral base that is large enough to allow me to still do 5 to 8 inspections a week in the wost housing slump Michigan has seen in my life time.

Other things I am thankful for:

- My wife of 23 years

- Two great kids that are prospering

- My parents are still with me and I will spend thanks giving with them

- I get to make my living in a profession that I chose and love

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