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Time for a new bathtub?


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I agree that it is going to be a real pain keeping the water hot. Now that I think about it, when tubs like this were being used, the bath was prepared, probably using very hot water to heat up the tub itself, and then cold water added to bring the temperature to the desired level.

I would think that once heated up, it would have kept the heat. Perhaps additional hot water would have been added as necessary.

The tub is set on a reinforced concete slab.

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I sincerely doubt it's an antique...especially a several hundred year old antique. I've seen marble tubs,(they look just like the one in this thread) hand hammered copper tubs and hand hammered brass tubs in restoration catalogs.

Marble is a pain in the rear to maintain..everything etches it, you can't use any cleaners that are effective. It'll look like crap in short order. It makes as much sense as a soapstone counter top.

What's the saying? "More money than brains"

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I only know what I was told regarding the age and origin of the tub, I certainly don't know enough about 300 year old bathtubs to dispute it. But having said that, I gotta tell you that there is an abundance of finance on this job.

The owner is a dental implant surgeon who's clients are mostly movie type folks.

I really don't like it either, it reminds me of a cemetary. Not only that, I picture what Kevin mentioned and like it even less.

If it was mine... I'd sell it on Ebay and the buyer would be responsible for the shipping.

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