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Realtor Associations?

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I think it is a good idea. The local real estate board is an important source for information. You don't have to be a bucket head to be an active participant in your local association. There are a lot of networking opportunities there. I have set up booths at the trade fairs and given classes on home inspections to new realtors.

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I joined our local association last year. $70 and it got my name in the directory. I get a news letter every month, and there are opportunities for networking, but I never took advantage. Usually when I get the newsletter, it goes right into the recycling bin.

I'm still planning on renewing my membership. And maybe in the future, go to one of their meetings, or join in one of their charity functions. If I was paying $199, I would definitely try to "Network" with other members.

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I agree with Jim about the realty association. I'm an associate member as that is the only way I can obtain a SupraKey to access homes for inspections.

Waiting on agents or designees to open doors for inspections can cost many hours or even days due to missed schedules, etc.

It can vary by area so you need to research your coverage area to see what would work best.

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