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Baseboard / Floor Furnace Questions

Brian G

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I did an old house yesterday that still had functioning baseboard heaters in it, a rarity around here. Does anyone know offhand what the clearance above these things should be, for drapes, etc.? Or in front, just so I can note it for the client?

This house also had the first functional floor furnace I've seen since I was a kid. I ran it to check the output and CO. I took my digital thermometer off the grate at 185.8 and rising, for fear it would ruin it. CO never got past 8 PPM. Are they supposed to get that hot?

Brian G.

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Originally posted by Gerry Beaumont

what was the heating source for the baseboard, were they electric or hydronic ??

They were electric, each with its own wall thermostat. Instead of temperatures, the thermostats had numbers (Off - 9).

What was the "furnace" I mean was it heating air or water and what was the fuel source ??

It was a natural gas unit, warm air via gravity as far as I could tell. It also had a wall thermostat, but a normal one.

You know Gerry, with a name like Beaumont, you should've moved down South. Try this with a thick Southern accent...Beaumont ma'am, Gerry Beaumont, at your service. [:-tophat]

Brian G.

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Hi Brian:

Electric Baseboard Heaters

1800, 2500, C1800 & C2500 Series


Installation & Maintenance Instructions

Dear Owner,

Congratulations! Thank you for purchasing this new heater manufactured by a division of Marley

Engineered Products. You have made a wise investment selecting the highest quality product in the heating

industry. Please carefully read the installation and maintenance instructions shown in this manual.

You should enjoy years of efficient heating comfort with this product from Marley Engineered Products...

the industry’s leader in design, manufacturing, quality and service.

... The Employees of

Marley Engineered Products

Read Carefully - This Instruction Sheet contains vital

information for the proper installation, use, and efficient

operation of the heater. Carefully read the manual before

installation, operation, or cleaning of the heater. Failure to

adhere to the instructions could result in fire, electric

shock, death, serious personal injury, or property damage.

Save these instructions and review frequently for continuing

safe operation and instructing future users.

1. Keep all electrical cords, foam filled articles, drapes, bedding,

and other household furnishings away from contact with

heater. It is recommended all items be kept a minimum of

six (6") inches (152mm) from heater.

2. Do not install baseboard heater below electrical convenience

receptacles (outlets).

3. Do not install baseboard heater against vinyl wallpaper,

paperboard or low density fiberboard surface. Do not install

vinyl drapes or vinyl blinds above heater.

4. Do not recess heater in wall.

5. The installation must comply with applicable Local and National

Electrical Codes and utility requirements.

6. Do not remove or by-pass thermal cutout.

7. To reduce the risk of fire, do not store or use gasoline or

other flammable vapors and liquids in the vicinity of the


8. Personal injury or death could result from electric shock.

Disconnect all power to heater at main panel before attempting

to install or service this heater.

9. Supply voltage must be the same as heater voltage. Check

heater nameplate and supply voltage before energizing.

10. When using RSA Transformer Relay Accessory, supply

wiring must be suitable for 90°C.


File #E37116

Cut from a Marley site - you can do a google for Q-Mark which is another major producer of electric heating products.

Hope this helps.

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Hi to all,

Brian, here ya go:

Electric baseboard convectors: all the IRC & NEC have to say on the subject is to be installed as per manufacturers instructions, but that they cannot be mounted below regular outlets. having said that I know that most manufacturers do list clearance to combustibles such as drapes (typically they call for 8" above the heaters, and if hanging in front of the unit have 3" clearance and be 1" above the floor).

As to the temp of the furnace, that does not sound particularly excesive as they do get very hot particularly on the top panels.



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