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Homeowner May Have A Case Against Inspector


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I hear reports of inspectors who compromise disclosure for the sake of agent referrals, but in my experience such inspectors are rare. Most home inspectors are painfully aware of the legal and financial liability associated with incomplete disclosure and are unwilling to take such risks for fraudulent short-term gains.

What planet is he speaking of????

Brian G.

Gimme a Break [:-censore

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That was my first reaction. I don't care what the complaint is you got to look at the inspectors report and inspection contract. Did Barry do this before throwing out his opinion?

The first request out of my mouth would be to send me a copy of his report and contract so I can review it first. The standards allow for inspectors for reasons of safety or prior agreement to disclaim an item of the inspection.

In Barry's defence he has brought these points up before. I wonder why he didn't in this article?

Chris, Oregon

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