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Bubba repairs

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Personally, I think ridiculing Bubba for his repair efforts is the wrong approach. Through his efforts, Bubba gives us a laugh now and then. Perhaps more importantly, without the Bubba's of the world, we might well be out of a job. Since I (and my family) have kind of grown accustomed to eating somewhat regularly and other activities requiring the use of cash, I say that we should celebrate Bubba and his inventiveness. Find a Bubba today and give him a sincere thank you!

Now here's a Bubba creation I found parked next to a mobile home. Note that is is parked out near the street to really show it off. (The '81 Camaro with the engine out of it was parked on the other side. Really.)

I'm still trying to figure this out. It's a deck built on top of a utility trailer. It is outfitted with a BBQ grill and little hanging baskets for the plastic flowers thrown out at the cemetery which still have a little life left in them and are too good to really throw out.

So...is it a parade float? Is it a mobile deck to go with the mobile home adjacent to it? Who knows? My guess: it's to take the young'uns to the livestock auction in style.

Image Insert:


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Geeze, Kevin. Whattsa matter with ya. Can't ya recognize a redneck tailgating rig!!!

(By the way, you might want to make your pictures a bit smaller than 1.3 megabytes. Some of the guys are still on dial up. Google for microsoft power toys image resizer or infranview.)

This bubba builder built these 15 x 15 x 87 beam support columns in the crawlspace himself. (one year warranty inspection) Who needs a professional mason, huh?

Image Insert:


42.64 KB

He did come back and repair some of the mortar joints with rubber caulking though.

Just a minor oversight on the same home's roof.

Image Insert:


50 KB

He did manage to make sure the deck rim joist had bolts going to the house rim joist.

Image Insert:


36.67 KB

Ya can always come back later and put on the washer and nut, can't you.

And he made sure that flashing was installed between the house rim joist and the deck rim joist. See the shiny stuff there in that crack between the joist and the wood lap siding under it.

Image Insert:


46.28 KB

Don't forget the snazzy deck railing. By golly, ain't nobody gonna fall off that deck which is about 10 feet up in the air.

Image Insert:


36.24 KB

Image Insert:


40.18 KB

Bubba Pictures. You want bubba pictures. I could go on all night long or longer but I still gotta write the danged report.

I appreciate bubbas' work. He keeps me in business.

Thanks, Bubba Builder.

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To insert an image, save the photo in one of the file formats that's allowed. Then just use the insert visible picture tool below the message composition box. Scroll to your picture and upload it. Make sure that there aren't any spaces or special symbols in the name of the photo. Pete_Moss or PeteMoss is OK, but Pete Moss or Pete (Moss) will be rejected.

OT - OF!!!


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