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A pretty sight I saw yesterday.


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The picture of that house brings back memories for me. The house looks almost identical to the one my father was raised in. I remember visiting there in my childhood.

Unfortunately the house is no longe standing. It was located in Greensburg Kansas and was destroyed by the tornado that leveled 95% of the town on May 7 2007. Next weekend we are flying out there to visit with relatives who live on a farm on the outskirts of town.

Here is same links to aftermath of the storm:

http://www.kansas.com/static/slides/050 ... doaerials/

http://www.ultimatechase.com/chase_acco ... Survey.htm

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Here's the lot to the house where my grandmother used to live. It's just a hole in the ground now.

Image Insert:


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Look across the street in one direction and this structure was damaged but not destroyed.

Image Insert:


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Look across the street in the other direction and all structures are gone. This land was cut up into 1/2 acre lots and was all built up. Now you can see clear through to the other side of town and beyond.

Image Insert:


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Originally posted by Erby

I didn't know Sears Kit Homes went quite that far back. Dang!

I have seen several here in Lexington from the late 40's early 50s though over on the east side of town.

Those can't be Sears homes or the dates are wrong.

In 1906 Sears sold building supplies through their catalog.

In 1908 building plans were added.

In 1909 folks could purchase the plans and the exact materials in a package.

In 1916, ready-made (pre-cut) kits were first introduced.

Folks could also finance through Sears.

The Modern Homes program was discontinued in 1940. The kits were never stored, they were prepared for each order.

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