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Strange looking shingles


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I found this yesterday. Roof was replaced about 14 months ago, it looks like a 10+ year old roof.

About 75% of the shingles had marks on them and many looked like they were mashed or stepped on when they were hot. I have never seen this before.

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I've seen those. They're a 3-tab shingle that's made to simulate the look of an architectural grade cover without the cost of an architectural-grade cover. When one sees it from the ground and doesn't look at it closely, one thinks, "OK, there's at least a 25-year service life on that cover," then you look closer and realize that it's just another 20-year 3-tab.

Instead of the extra tabs being laminated in place, they're molded into the surface. Put one of those on in hot weather, and I imagine that those fake tabs - which are just thickened asphalt - will squash all to hell when you walk on them. I've found them less than 10 years old where they were so worn at the edges that the fiberglass matting was showing through and the fake tabs were almost worn away from the weather.



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