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AHIT's InspectIt ReportPlus software Error.

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For those of you who have and use this program, you may want to check the remarks section. First I have the checklist version and I don't know if it applies to the narrative version.

Anyways, in remarks on page 26 or 27, after Exteriors and before the Garage remarks is a page titled Electrical/A/C-HEAT PUMP. If you read the remarks, it is actually a continuation of the previous page, Exterior remarks.

I called AHIT Tech support. They checked it out looked at the original document and the error is in that one too, So if you downloaded it you to have this error. The are contacting the writer of the report to make the corrections.

It's not a Big technical issue, but it goes to quality. As a customer if I saw such an error, I would wonder just what other sloppy work you the HI might have done.

Don't get me wrong, I can understand errors and I'm not slamming AHIT or anyone. But what I do find rather puzzling is that this product has been on the street for quite a few months now and not a single person ever mentioned it to AHIT. That can mean one of three things. People caught it and fixed their version and didn't spread the word or some don't even read their own inspection reports? Everyone either stopped using the program or just deleted those pages.

So, if you are using the program, double check it. AHIT said they will release a corrected version pronto.

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Very true and thats how I found it. I think it's stupid for me to print up all those remarks pages at every inspection. So I was going through them sorting into individual pages and I'm gonna get 50-100 copies of each page made at Kinko's or such. Then put them in an accordion file and attach remarks that actually apply. Like there is no need for basement remarks when they don't have a basement.

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You can thank the InspectIt Report Plus system for TIJ.

I spent nearly $800 on that system and their office database system and used it for about a year. I found myself constantly frustrated by its limitations and the way it seemed to constantly cause me 'puter to hang. I kept having to call InspectIt to bail me out and their tech "support" kept telling me it wasn't the program, it was me, and that anyone who knew MS Word could figure it out. Yeah,....riiiiiiggghhht.

So, I was nearing the end of the non-compete period after selling my franchise and was casting around for something to replace it with, when I stumbled on InspectExpress while googling. I noticed that DevWave was looking for a US distributor, so I gave Mike B. a call. In the end, I never did become an InspectExpress distributor, but TIJ was born. I've used InspectExpress since.

Thanks InspectIt; if not for you, TIJ might still be an idea that had never quite happened. I couldn't have done it without you.

OT - OF!!!


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