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Weed Eaters and Siding


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I have now seen this event a few times and I am assuming it's a weed eater gone astray on siding that has gotten brittle. I didn't take pictures at the time but I'll try and go back to one of the houses and take some.

Anyways, what I have seen is the bottom piece of vinyl having several horizontal holes in them that measure from 2-3 inches to over a foot in length and all having a near height of 1-2 inches. The edges looked perforated like I was poking it with a Phillips screw driver.Almost every time, this is at an area where the ground is raised and nearly touches the siding. The area is the perfect height if you used a weed eater. I've found no evidence of water damage or little critters.

I know without a picture it may be hard to envision, but is there something else besides an over aggressive weed eater that could be at fault?

I'm thinking the best thing is to just note the damage and indicate replacement is required to prevent further damage, i.e. water intrusion. But I'm personally curious as to why I keep seeing this on homes.

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Originally posted by Jim Katen

Originally posted by sepefrio

. . . But I'm personally curious as to why I keep seeing this on homes.

The best way to learn is to do. Get yourself a weed eater and some vinyl siding then see what happens.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

Well, you guys have been correct about everything so far so I'll go try it. I just think my neighbor might get upset :)

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