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NJALPHI (New Jersey Association of Licensed Professional Home Inspectors) has annnounced that due to prudent spending and small profits from seminars, the Board of Directors has decided to keep the yearly dues at $85/year. Additionally, a credit of $50 has been issued to all 2007 paid members towards their 2008 dues.

Renewal applications are being mailed and the newsletter also includes an application. 2007 paid members have to send in $35 for 2008 and all others can join at the low rate of $85 for 2008.

For additional info, go to www.NJALPHI.com

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NJALPHI update...

Just wanted to remind NJALPHI members and interested parties that there is a meeting today at the Westwood on North Avenue in Garwood, NJ. Come today and satisfy your NJ Radon Measurement CEU requirements.

We had 99 members at the February meeting. The education seminar was on Fire and Water restoration, and cleanup methods.

Total membership is well over 300!!

Coalition News--NJALPHI has been actively participating in a Garden State Coalition of Home Inspector Organizations to help work together to benefit home inspectors throughout the state.

Lots more seminars planned! Check out the organization website for more info, membership application and meeting schedule.


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Hi Steve,

Next time you need to get word out about NJALPHI meetings, you should post something to the Calendar of Events as well. Announcing your event in here only reaches the forum members. Announcing it in the Calendar of Events ensures that it's distributed to about 20,000 inspectors across the continent when the newsletter goes out. It will also be seen by that segment of folks that comes to TIJ and only reads the stuff on the home page and doesn't visit the forums.

Post them early and then come in and post reminders in the same announcement thread as they near.

Non-profits associations are allowed to post their events for free.



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