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Gee, And We Think WE Put Up With Crap!


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The City of Portland has a maintenance code that many I believe are unaware of. Same with some of the other larger cities here in Oregon. For example a receptacle in all bathrooms is required and not the silly one in the light fixture. It doesn't matter when the house was built; the lack of one is not grandfathered in. Same with handrails and guards.

Does anyone working the black top jungles use their cities housing code as a source in your inspections?

Chris, Oregon

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Originally posted by kurt

That article sounds about right.

Weird as it sounds, I'd rather look @ a blown out 42 unit Section 8 full of crazy people than a McMansion in the 'burbs.

Did a job like that once and had to bring a generator to get enough light in the building to work. 5 story brick vacant for a few years except for dopers. Had to hire a cop to guard the generator. Had fun. We also did a section 8 project with 280 units. That was a little scary but eventually one of the crazies came around with us and kept things under control.

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