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Questionsabout subpanel wiring


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This is Jim K's forum, but I'm stepping in here.

There aren't many things that are more dangerous for a do-it-yourselfer than attempting to wire his/her own shop without having studied, and understood, every single requirement needed to do so beforehand. The questions that you're asking here demonstrate that you haven't done your homework and you're out of your depth.

Sub-panels can be dangerous. Browse the archives here and read about them and you'll learn why. Somewhere in the archives is a post from Jim Katen and one or two quotes that I've placed in there about some of the dangerous things that can happen when you improperly wire a sub-panel in a detached structure.

I'm not going to allow any of these gentlemen to place themselves or TIJ at risk of liability, or help you injure yourself, by answering do-it-yourselfer electrical questions on this board. Sorry. You can try Electric.net or one of the electricians boards, but I seriously doubt that anyone there is going to want to go there.

If you really want to do this yourself, go down to the library and borrow some books about wiring and do your homework first.


Mike O'Handley

Editor, TIJ

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