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R311.5.6.2 Continuity.

Handrails for stairways shall be continuous for the full length of the flight, from a point directly above the top riser of the flight to a point directly above the lowest riser of the flight. Handrail ends shall be returned or shall terminate in newel posts or safety terminals. Handrails adjacent to a wall shall have a space of not less than 1½ inch (38 mm) between the wall and the handrails.


1. Handrails shall be permitted to be interrupted by a newel post at the turn.

2. The use of a volute, turnout, starting easing or starting newel shall be allowed over the lowest tread.

In other words, the handrail is OK

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This is a new home and been on the market for a year. I know the code says that railing is ok for a hand rail. I fill with the balusters you make not get a good grip on it if you start to fall.

The basement stairs did not have a continuous hand rail and did not have enough light to see. Also rake flashing was used on the roof and the bricks at the bottom of the windows had a 5 degree slope. No weeps and flashing. Will these item get fixed? NO because the AHJ does not enforce these items.

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Originally posted by hausdok


We actually have that in TIJ's library. It's here: https://www.inspectorsjournal.com/forum ... goto&id=67

All ya gotta do is look.

OT - OF!!!


I did. A search of the library for "stairs" returns the City of Chicago Deck Guide and two chapters of the rehab manual, but nether of the documents to which I posted links.

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