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For those who remember the 60's - or not

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Ain't it the truth.

I got up yesterday morning, sat down to write a report, and it took me about 25 seconds of struggling to recall the inspection that I'd done the day before. At first, I couldn't even remember what the house looked like. They better come up with a cure for oldtimers disease or I'm going to be wearing diapers and sucking my thumb before I'm 60.

OT - OF!!!


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Digital photos are a wonderful thing at our age, Mike.

I can, but don't, virtually recreate the inspection in my mind days later with the digital photos I take, but often can't remember a dang thing about it until I look at the photos.

That's why I try, even if I don't always suceed, to get the meat of the reports done before I go to bed. Just don't want to take the change on missing something.

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