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JJK on homophones

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I was taught that homophones are words that have different spelling and different meaning, but the key feature is that they are pronounced alike.

to, two, too

pair, pare, pear

wear, where

weather, whether

plane, plain

need, knead

not, knot

no, know


winch, wench

sediment, sentiment

"a rye", awry

I don't know the proper term for when people confuse the words in the last three examples. I just call it poor grammar.

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Tack is a noun, meaning heading/direction on the wind, or into the wind w/the wind coming over the forward quarter.

Tack is a verb, meaning changing direction by bringing the bow through the eye of the wind.

It's also the short lower forward corner of a sail, either fore or aft.

Jibe is changing direction by bringing the stern through the eye of the wind. Jibe is the much more dangerous tricky maneuver.

That's why one hears "tack" being talked about as a simple change of course, and "jibe" as a wild careening change of course.

Thought folks might want to know.......

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S'funny you're on this new tack (on the wind), and how you came to it (realtor educational seminars revealing just how lame & ignorant the average realtor is).

I'm on the same thought lately; I've actually "brokered" a half dozen sales to friends of mine that were FSBO's, and like all of us know, it's not hard. Stupid on a disturbing basis, but not hard.

It's not off the chart of possibility for me; in a lot of ways, it would make a lot of sense.

Freakin' Prickett; I always knew were smart.

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Originally posted by chrisprickett

Originally posted by kurt

Freakin' Prickett; I always knew were smart.

Aye just crawled a round in weigh two manny 145 degree addicts. That'll make ewe dew jest about anything! (Homophones added to stay OT)

When I sold my first Nashville bungalow, all I did was put an ad in the RE section of the daily paper, and wait for somebody to call. A guy came by the next day, offered me the asking price, and we closed the deal at a title company downtown. No RE agents, no commission nowhere, and nothing to it.

When I sell the house I'm in, I'll probably do the very same thing.


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I remember when I first heard the word "tack," Kurt. It was during my first and only attempt at windsurfing. I was with a friend in the Florida intracoastal, using a big--meaning easy to balance for the uninitiated--beginner's board.

Anyhow, I had no problem balancing on the thing and pulling the sail out of the water. Then, with the wind at my back and the sun gleaming down from above, that board took off and I was slicing through the swells. It was truly glorious, gliding across the sea, listening to the water slapping against the board, breathing in the tang of the salty air.

I don't remember how far we went--a mile, maybe two--but we decided to head back to shore. No problem, right?

So I hopped into the water to cool off, turned the board around, climbed back on and pulled up the sail . . . and nothing happened. It wouldn't move. I swiveled the sail, changed positions, and still nothing.

"What's up?" I asked my friend.

"You're going into the wind now," he said. "You have to tack."

"What's a tack?"

"You have to let the wind push you to the side and move diagonally back to shore."

"You're giving me this f**king lesson now?"

Long story short, I tried for nearly an hour to entice that board to move in the right direction and had no luck whatsoever. I got tired, of course, and I was thirsty, and suddenly just remaining on the board became a chore.

Ultimately I surrendered and paddled the board, with the sail dragging along in the water, to shore. Not the shore that I had started from. My friend later showed up in his truck to collect my exhausted rear-end and the board.

I'm a complete and utter failure when it comes to tacking. I can't even imagine trying to pull off a jibe.

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Originally posted by Bain

I'm a complete and utter failure when it comes to tacking. I can't even imagine trying to pull off a jibe.

The fact you were able to balance and sail the thing @ all puts you in the 99th percentile; most folks can't stand on the thing, let alone pull up the sail.

The full planing jibe is the holy grail of windsurfing; I can do them when I'm fresh, but as soon as the legs get rubbery, it's crash jibe time.

This is what it looks like when you're doing it right. It's ten times harder in open water & large swell.......[utube]

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