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The $39.95 inspection

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Ran across this today:

"I have had this site active for a few days now. You need to examine

this as one of the premier ways to get your project looked at and

discussed without a major expense for selling your property!

PHOTO-spect is brand new to the inspection industry. YOU take the

photos, YOU decide which items you want others to see, YOU control

what is inspected, and YOU decide whether or not you want to use the


The report is generated within 24 hours of sending your photos.

I did this to one of my properties before I decided to put it out

publicly. I cannot tell you how much it meant to me to get my project

looked by a professional. We were in control of the usage of our

photos, WE decided which photos were needing comments, and WE used the

report to sell our home within 5 days of listing.

Well worth the cost of $39.95 for the first 7 photos and $2 per photo

after that.

Easy, cost affective, and very effective as a selling tool. You NEED

to use this service!

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Quote from his blog:

This service is provided as an alternate way to get a Professional Analysis of our property without the high cost of Home Inspections.

I'm offering a similar alternative to fight the high costs of colonoscopies. If you can get a Kodak up your keister, I'll evaluate up to seven photos for $99. No Polariods, please...

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