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What a bunch of Asses...

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This small herd shows up, in the wash behind my house, from time to time. I'm told that they're wild, but can't tell for sure. I do occasionally find what's left of a carcass (courtesy of the local coyotes) so I assume that they are either wild, or not watched very well by their owner. It's always nice to see them visit!

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Originally posted by ozofprev

Yer funny Les.

Likely to be some happy horses around somewhere, since the male donkey is almost always sterile.[:-cowboy]

Hi Gary,

Being somewhat of a country boy, I gotta say that I think you've got donkeys confused with mules and hinnys, both of which are cross-breeds between horses and donkeys. Mules are always sterile and the percentage of non-sterile hinneys is so small that it's insignificant. Donkeys, on the other hand, aren't shooting blanks and have no problems breeding.



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Whoa! Is that a dirt road? We use to have those. Farms too. They've all been wiped away by highways, stop lights, McMansions, mega malls and way too many people. The few jobs that I get way out in the collar counties are a real treat to drive to.

Fortunately I still have some memories of the rural life that was here when I grew up.

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