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Seeing stars

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You must be excited about Monday. You know, our first pass by Mercury in the last 33 years. Yeah, it's cool hot.

As this time of year often leaves an HI looking for stuff to do, I thought you might like to keep busy while also helping science.

Computers are not good at analyzing galaxies, but it is simple for people to do. There are like, a whole lot of galaxies.

You take a simple test and then start helping. There is no fee. There is no pay. You will see a tab titled "How to take part" at the top of the page you see here.

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Back in the days when I indulged in Mother Nature's herbs, I often wondered how space could possibly be ifinite and what could be on the other side if it actually wasn't and ended somewhere. This would usually lead me to suspecting the universe might be just a small bubble in something much bigger. That was my Big Bong theory.

I thought I was over it, but now Jerry's photo now has me pondering again...but without the drugs! [:-propell

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