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New ASHI websites

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Originally posted by Terence McCann

I saw mention of this in the Reporter but didn't read the article yet. Is ASHI going to shut down ASHI.ORG or are they going to run two web sites, one for HIs and one for the consumer? Also, why the new web site for HIs? Any idea of the cost of this Scott?

ASHI will have two websites that have several internal links, but basically one site will be for the general public. ASHI.ORG will be the site with the inspector search, and just general information about home inspections, etc. HOMEINSPECTOR.ORG will be the inspector site.

The reason for going to the second site was that the single site was crammed full of information and was just too difficult to navigate and find all of the information that was buried in it. The second inspector site allowed the IT folks to break out a ton of stuff that folks just could not find. Also several things that ASIH has on the horizon would work better on a second site.

I don't know the cost for the project but it has been in the works for about the past year. I know that new discussion board software was purchased for the project. If I'm not mistaken it is a Microsoft product and it works just like you are typing in WORD. Also Webinar capability was added to the new site.

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A bunch of thought and work went into the project. It is going to be just like a "new car" this weekend, so have a little patience! The IT guys are working on it. Something about getting the smoke into the box behind ASHI HQ.

There are lots of improvements. Stop by the ASHI booth at IW and get every question answered!

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