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I hit the LOTTERY!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008 started out like every other day; I woke up at about 5:30 AM, went outside to grab the newspaper, sat down and started to drink my morning coffee. Being this was a Wednesday, the Mega Millions drawing was last night. I am what I believe to be a normal American, I spend about $20.00 a week on lottery tickets; hoping to win the big one.

When the jackpot reaches upwards of $100 million, I turn into the modern day Walter Mitty; thinking what I can do with all that money. Ah, the escape of the daily grind, daydreaming on what it’s like to have lots of money.

With my tickets in hand, I eagerly scanned the winning numbers, hoping today was the day. Another disappointment, not even close. Guess I’ll have to keep grinding away, something that gets more difficult with the poor economy. With housing prices that keep falling and low consumer confidence, it's getting tougher to put food on the table.

Anyway, back to the simple life. My son, Kenny is getting his lunch ready before leaving for work, my wife is doing her normal morning routine.

It’s now about 7:00 AM, my son left for work and I’m firing up my computer when it happens, the phone rings…

“I need help; I’ve just been hit head-on. It’s not my fault. I’m on Howard Blvd. I’ve just been hit head-on, It’s not my faultâ€

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Fortune has indeed smiled on you. I got that call about my daughter less than two weeks after she started driving herself to school. She drove off the edge of an embankment while trying to tune the damned radio, flipped it, and slid backwards-upside down through a small creek. No injuries, but the car was a total loss....who cares? We still pick at her about it from time to time. [:D]

Brian G.

Count the Blessings [:-thumbu]

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Originally posted by Jim Katen

Someone needs to smack some sense into the head of that Mustang driver.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

Hopefully, it will be the judge. The driver is being charged with reckless driving, failing to keep right and (hopefully) operating an unsafe vehicle.

Saturday, we went to clean out the car. The Mustang was sitting next to Kenny's car in the lot. I was told by the police he had bald tires on the Mustang, I couldn't believe what I saw!

Anyway, the driver and front passanger were released from the hosiptal, the back seat passanger will be in the hosiptal for a total of 3 weeks.

As a footnote, I wasn't a big fan of Toyota but after seeing how well the passanger compartment withstood the impact, I'm a believer now.

The driver is 18 yrs old and this is the 2nd Mustang he totaled.

Image Insert:


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Thanks for sharing your story and emotions. Glad to know that things will be OK.

My niece flipped her car on a wet road up in Sussex County. Luckily, she only had minor bruises (the car was totaled). My brother still gets very upset when he thinks about what could have happened. I can't imagine the horror of driving upon an accident scene and seeing the car of a loved one.

Unfortunately, many of us think we are immortal when we are teenagers. It takes a dose of reality to see how easily a life can end or be signficantly altered in a moment.

The judge should sentence the reckless driver to educating other kids and families about what happened.



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I was actually thinking the same thing with a slight twist.

The car is insured under the mothers policy; she let her son operate an unsafe vehical, she should also bear some responsibility.

I will be in court when this case comes up.

A side bar here;

Got a call from the Mustang's insurance company yesterday. They haven't interviewed their client yet (due to hosipital stay), but they asked my wife "how can the mustang be at fault if your son hit their car from behind?"

Makes you wanna jump thru the phone line and strangle the person on the other side....

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Glad to hear your boy is ok. As far as insurance companies go, be prepared to fight. My friend Don is a PI who does mostly personal injury work. Every time we have lunch he shares horror stories of good people getting screwed by the big boys. Don't think for a minute that they will do the "right" thing. By and large, they have no concept of what that is.

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