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Thanks for your suggestion, but in a word, no.

The software doesn't enable me to do that. Maybe it can be done with some programming, but that would have a cost associated with it and I'm not willing to go there unless the expense can be justified.

Frankly, I'm not so sure it would be an improvement - it might make things more confusing. Nonetheless, I'm always open to new ideas; can you point me to another forum where they do that, so I can see how it works?

OT - OF!!!


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Originally posted by Home Pride

I can't imagine how numbering the posts would be confusing.

I can't see why either.

I have to disagree with Mike on this one (especially with the length of his posts[:-tong2]).

I like the idea and it is standard fair on newer forum software. It's not confusing and users can point to a reply number easily. I have seen it used on other board software without any problems. It would have been nice to put in the reply form as well but that looks like a bit more work.

The only cost associated with it is was some spare time to code it...

Keep the feedback coming!

Michael Brown

DevWave Software Inc.

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Originally posted by Chad Fabry

That's just great. Now I'll get obsessed with being number 69 every time.

And this means the threads will be longer just to get to that special number [:-angel], which means numbering will have even more value...

A good idea, still gives the option of cut paste previous text.

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I mentioned referencing the post number within a thread. In addition it is handy in referencing specific posts in other threads.

For instance, the answer to a particular question may be complicated. It may have been answered very well in a previous thread. A response to the question could be as follows:

The answer is in this thread> (insert link) in post #.....

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I clicked on the link John posted to the psychology message board and recognized the software. It's used on another board that I've read for several years and have been a member of since July. I went to that board, and son of a gun, the messages were numbered the same way. I had never noticed it before. Over those several years, I don't recall anyone ever using the numbering system to refer to another post. Maybe I'm not the only one who has never noticed the numbers.

That doesn't mean the numbers wouldn't be used here, though. I won't mention what that other board is, but as a whole, the intellectual level of the members here is a notch or two higher.

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