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City Codes

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I was wondering if anyone knew a secret to obtaining city/state building codes. I've found the local website with multiple PDF's but this seems bulky and unwieldy not to mention an eye sore (typical scanned into PDF type stuff, misaligned etc). I'm sure it's actually a very simple method that I have just overlooked, thanks.

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Another thing I do when I got the Municipality on the phone, is ask if there has been any reported problems on record with the sewer system for that address. Especially for older homes.

Sometimes it takes a couple of days for them to get back to me, but the client is usually satisfied that I checked.

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I've had 100% success getting government/utility workers to talk to me on the phone. All I have to do is call until I get a woman on the line. Simple courtesy and respect, in the form of a few "please ma'ams" and "thank you ma'ams," and a little, "take your time, I'm not in a hurry," and I'm in business.

Many times, I have done this to get answers for my lawyer, who's a woman. When she gets a woman -- or a hillbilly man -- who won't answer her questions, she hangs up, calls me, and I make the call.


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