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Are Falling Prices The New Gold Rush For Lawyers?


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It had to happen. During the housing bubble, people were buying homes at obscene prices, forcing many less-than-well-heeled buyers out of the market. Now that the housing bubble has burst and the value of their homes is falling, some of these same buyers are looking around for someone other than themselves to blame and are focusing on the real estate agents who helped them purchase their homes.

Lawyers are seeing this as an opportunity. If this creates the latest litigation gold rush for lawyers, is it inevitable that home inspectors will eventually be sucked into the vortex?

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Thanks to Kurt Mitenbuler for finding this one.

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Regrettably, you don't need to be a suck up for some unreasonable home buyer to perceive that they've been screwed. Even a frivolous lawsuit can kill a working guy.

My last year in the biz ('07), our claims rate jumped big-time. It was very often BS. I'd love to see one of the major HI orgs or E&O carriers crunch the numbers over the last three years.

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