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Class Action Settlement?


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I got wind today of a supposed class action lawsuit with the maker of some 80% gas furnaces.

A client called and said the HVAC tech told her she had a cracked heat exchanger and she needed a new furnace.

Getting a new heat exchanger wasn't an option because he said the units were under class action settlement.

I think the guy's blowing smoke and may be trying to rip her off.

Anyone know of any?

P.S. And no, I don't remember the mfr. of the furnace in question.

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Wow, Mike. Thank you. Its kind of funny, I never even thought about Google -- just wasn't in my mental radar.

More significantly, this thing has actually got legs! These are very common furnaces we see frequently out there.

This feels like an "XYZ" moment for me, (I just coined the term.) You know, my fly's been open all day long and didn't even know it til the end of the day!!

Has this furnace thing been around for a while and I've just been oblivious?

Bad inspector. . . . bad inspector. . .

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