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height of ceiling in bathroom


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Hi to all,

I have an bathroom in a home built in 2004. It is up stairs The ceiling hight is 7 ft. The ceiling over the toilet slopes. Where in the 2003 IRC can I find this?

Here are the photos.

The toilet.

Image Insert:


38.71 KB

Here is the height at the center of the toilet.

Image Insert:


62.58 KB

Here is the low point.

Image Insert:


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Exception 3 - for rooms w/sloped ceilings, minimum 50% must have a ceiling height of 7' and no portion of the required floor area may have a ceiling height of <5'

Exception 4 - Bathrooms minimum ceiling height of 6'8" over the fixture, and at the front clearance (21" in front of toilet) for fixtures shown in Figure 307.1

I don't think they have the required headroom over the toilet.

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Thanks Kurt.

That what I needed. I had seen it before, just could not remember where. I could to take some time and learn where more items are in the IRC.

Inspected this house 3 year ago and it had problems. 1 year old and the owner had me do an inspection to get a list for the builder and it has structural problem along with plumbing and electrical . The owners are taking the builder to court. The lawyer had me do another inspection yesterday and I found more problems. I have leaned more about home since then.

The lawyer wants me to go to court.

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