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Maine Considers Private Muni Inspectors


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There aren't any state-wide uniform building codes in the state of Maine. However, new mandatory energy standards as well as a new state-wide building code are being considered by the Maine legislature. Under the new proposal, since municipalities don't have inspectors in place, private home inspectors might be licensed to do municipal inspections. The concept is that builders would hire authorized inspectors to inspect homes under construction and certify that they have met building codes and energy standards.

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My 2 cents: State of Maine is using the IRC 2003 as a "Building Code". Enforcement is a whole other nightmare. My experience is "the CEO" of the town is very interested in the design and placement of the lot's septic system. Incorrectly done-- could affect your neighbor and public waterways. After that, it is the wild wild west. Anything goes.

Most towns in Maine can not afford full time Munis.

Most towns have a volunteer Fire Dept. Never to lose

a foundation.

State Fire Marshall seems to have the biggest guns.

Statewide HI group is MeCHIPs. Formed to watch the legislature

and to educate the HI industry in Maine.

I've heard this many times---"what the hell, it's Maine--whadda

you want?" .............Realtors and Builders.

There is a big difference between Mass. Conn. RI. - HIs and the

Tristate --VT NH ME - HIs. Primarily, Education

and Commitment. Fees are different.

NH just passed a licensing bill.

Huge jurisdictional (barnyard) fight for

education (CEUs) supremacy.[:-banghea

This is my observation. I attend seminars in both states. I may be

inspecting full time in Maine soon. Local

inspectors will not approve. I'm "FROM AWAY".

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Originally posted by Jack Ahern

Most towns in Maine can not afford full time Munis.

If done correctly, the towns will actually profit from building inspections.

In New Jersey, building permits are very expensive. The law states that (construction) fees collected by each town must stay in the construction department. But it's a fairly well known fact the building department collection fees are so large they are funding many other areas of the cities.



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