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Radon Update

Terence McCann

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A while back I posted that I performed a Radon test in a home with dirt crawl spaces. The Radon test came back at 15.8 pCi/L.

The client called me a few days ago to retest the home. He had a contractor install Viper Vapor Check barrier. The barrier was taped to the walls and taped around any piping coming through the floor (you have to use their special tape). The installing contractor really did a nice job as well. Also, this system did not have a vacuum fan installed.

The test came back at 2.0 pCi/L after 48 hours - I was amazed.

Here's the link: http://www.insulationsolutions.com/prod ... ation.html

This stuff really works.

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I took some pretty good radon training when I decided to try it as an add on, run by Auburn University, but when the guy said vapor barriers and venting did no good in crawl spaces no matter how they were set up, I started asking questions. Who tested that option? Exactly how did they set it up? He had no answers, but stuck to his assertions. To me, just as a common sense thing, it seems totally logical that those methods could have a big effect on the radon level in a crawl space. It certainly seems as reasonable as the idea of venting the underside of an entire slab by creating a vacuum in little one spot. I can't help wondering if whatever testing was done on vapor barriers and venting was done by someone who either:

(A) had some sort of stake in selling radon venting systems, or

(B) knew jack-squat about construction and didn't think the details through.

Maybe I'm wrong, common sense doesn't always work out where science is concerned, but I wonder....

Brian G.

2 + 2 Usually Equals 4, Not [8]

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I fired off an email to the client and he replied with:


Just to give you a prospective, I initally contacted Basement Systems by Corning (http://www.basementsystems.com/crawlspa ... medium=ppc) and they quoted me almost $10,000!!!!

Getting the material myself for Form Tech, I paid $1500 for material and $800 for labor of cleaning crawlspace first and then installation.

I don't mind sharing this info. I'd love to see someone who can benefit from my solutions. Our health is more important.

Feel free to get in touch with me for anything related to this.


The client is a Doctor at one of the main hospitals here.

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OK, I'll bite...

Thanks for the post, Caoimhin. I understand all you said in your post. In you opinion, based on education and experience that far exceeds those of anyone else here, what test would provide valid data? And, if that test determined an average level of 15.8, as in Terry's original post, would you recommend taking steps to remedy that?


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Good morning, Jesse:

Just to set something straight, my education and experience doesn’t exceed that of any other poster on this board – my education and experience is just different than everyone else on this board.

I’m not an home inspector, or a building inspector, and although I have inspected hundreds and hundreds of homes and buildings, I have never performed a single “home inspectionâ€

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Mr. Connell,

You talk about your education and background being different from a home inspectors. My question is what is your background? I have been to your web-site, but have only been able to glean a little information. You sound like a person who has been in a courtroom or two. Experts come in all types, education and background. When evaluating someones writings on a subject, I like to know a little about them.

From your posts and your web-site, you seem to be a full-time peace officer that has a great deal of expertise in meth-labs. I suspect that you are possibly thee expert in Colorado and one of the top in the Country on the meth labs. I have a great deal of respect for you as a officer of the law and a meth-lab expert.

My question is as to your education and background on radon. Don't get me wrong, I am a simple home inspector with only a few dozen hours of education on radon. I in no way consider myself even approaching any expertise on the subject of radon. You seam to know quite a lot about radon, but it's always hard to sort things out over the web. A little information on your radon background and education would be most appreciated.

Thanks Ollie

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