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UFFI as attic insulation


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I found UFFI used as attic insulation during hour five in this afternoon's POS foreclosure Cape Cod. Like nearly everything else in this house, the attic insulation was a gawd-awful cobbled together jerry-rigged mess. In addition to the UFFI, the various layers of insulation included Fiberglas batt and rigid foam.

I can't find any info on whether UFFI was 'approved' for use in attics. This is the first time I've seen it used like this. I can think of many reasons why it was a bad idea, such as restricting access to the majority of the attic because of its fragileness. This is definitely an attic that needs some major work done in it. Some of it is broken into chunks; the "good" sections would be sure to follow suit.

I'm leaning toward recommending that all insulation be removed, any needed work in the attic be done, then properly re-insulating the attic. That obviously would be a big expense.

I'm open to suggestions.

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I woulldn't remove and replace it unless there's going to be work done in the attic that's going to damage it or necessitate removing it. It won't trap moisture - it's permeable. Sure, it's a mess, but they could blow in some fiberglass wool over the whole thing to make it consistent in depth and it'd probably be fine.

Don't get hung up on the UF in it, that off-gassed 3-4 weeks after it was placed decades ago. Check this out.

OT - OF!!!


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