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Green ( And I don't mean with envy)


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In a recent post it was brought up about how the National Association of Home Builders, was going prepare to launch their NAHB Green Building Program.

In response to this post there were replies such as:

"Green certainly can't be ignored"

"What could a home inspector provide that the web couldn't"

And possibly the best question - How can we profit from it?

Well as I looked into it, it seems to me that a home inspector should look into the Green Verification of these projects. I myself has started to look into this area.

Just as Radon made it through the ranks of the HI biz (Especially in Illinois) I sense the feel of Green Verification, or at least Energy Efficiency will become one of our benchmarks. At least I hope so...

How do you veterans, journeyman, not-so newbies, and newbies feel about this opportunity?


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Hi Frank,

I agree with you; I think we need to get with these green building gurus and get them to set up a green certification for home inspectors. Yeah, I know, a for-profit public relations firm has already done that, but I was thinking that we need the green building industry to get interested in providing the training to inspectors, kind of like what we're doing with Watts Radiant. I've been making some contacts. I may have something to report here by and by.

OT - OF!!!


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From what I have gathered so far, It seems the Verification Person's Role would be from the start of the project. Kind of the like the VA Inspections I have dealt with.

I mean there are so many factors I think we are unaware, to get Green Certification. I mean I never learned the R-Value of a bale of straw. Should I know, is that part of the process? I think maybe.

Would we have to verify that the flooring they want to put in is indeed reclaimed from another project, how about if they don't have enough to finish the floor, what do they do then?

Then would there be an energy audit for a final inspect? I feel this is kind of uncharted waters in a way, or at least to say, the Mayflower hasn't quite set sail yet...


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