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Does this look aluminum to you?


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Strange thing is this is the only "aluminum looking" wire at the main panel. I took a picture of it close up to once again have the "double tapped neutral" talk. Then I realized it was possibly aluminum branch wiring. Can anyone tell? And if it is, why would there not be a matching one on the hot side? hmmm...

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Looking closely at a fully-blown-up picture, it looks like there might be a vertical scratch on the left side of the wire (revealing some shiny copper?), making it appear to be a tin-coated copper wire. Would be nice if you could see the end-tip of the wire to know for sure.

I often used to scrape such wiring if I wasn't sure, but after awhile, one is able to see a disctinct difference between relatively shiny alumimum wire versus more of a duller tin-coated copper wire. Sure can't tell which by sheen, though, from your picture.

That wire insulation, though, doesn't look like anything I've ever seen on aluminum wire; have only seen it on tin-coated copper.

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